Our Story

Techanix was founded under a simple principle. Things can be done better.¬†Ever wonder why you have to pick between the condescending technician that costs an arm and a leg? Or the cheaper guy / kid with “questionable,” credentials? Fixing your tech should not ¬†fall under the category of “major financial decisions” or “high risk factor.” We do not base our business on using other companies as benchmarks. Simply because there is no one like us. We are a company created for the customer, and that is our primary goal. Our work and our clients speak for themselves. Our elite service, unbelievable prices, and quick turn around times speak volumes. Whatever your problem, we have a techanic for you. In a world where lines between computers, televisions, and cell phones are blurred; you want a company that can take advantage of all of your technology, not just some. Techanics have previously worked for years at several Fortune 500 companies including General Mills, Apple, etc. and are certified technicians.

We pride ourselves on the relationships we create and treat each customer as if our business depended upon it, simply because, it does. A simple human response to technology. So go ahead give us a call or email.

Contact Us

1-855-4TECHNX (1-855-483-2469) Support@Techanix.com

Our Core Values

  • Unbelievable Customer Service
  • Creativity And Innovation Are Paramount
  • Honest And Open Relationships With Our Clients / Partners
  • Passion For What We do
  • Humility For Enhanced Collaboration
  • Integrity

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